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Radom Academy of Social and Technical Sciences

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Radom Academy of Social and Technical Sciences is a private university acting under the Law of 27 July 2005 - Law on Higher Education and the statutes given by the founder. It was created according to a decision of the Minister of Science and Higher Education on 22 August 2007 and entered in the register of non-university and university associations of non-entry into the serial number "190". 

The university has the power to conduct studies on first degree courses: Administration, Finance and Accounting, Education, Public Health and Social Work. Several specialties were created under the above directions to provide students with a professional preparation for the labor market.

Graduates will acquire skills needed both in the public and the private sector. They will also be competent to lead their own businesses. So I encourage you to study in our school, which, despite its only two-year business history, has already begun its own research on local social policy, social security, public safety and health protection. 

A tremendous asset of the university is outstanding academic staff originating from the best universities in the country, such as the School of Economics, University of Warsaw and The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. The experience of teaching and enormous scientific achievements of our employees are the guarantee of maintaining a high level of education, as well as satisfaction of students with the opportunity to communicate with the scientific authorities. 

The activity of academic staff allowed to organize in the first year the Symposium on "Ethics in Business", the outcome of which will be a book containing the papers delivered. Representatives of Radom Academy of Social and Technical Sciences participated in the International Conference on "The Methodology and Practice of Management in the Twenty-first Century" at the University of Połtawa (Ukraine) where the two universities entered into agreement cooperation. Together with the State University of Revenue Service in Irpien, the university was a co-organizer of the International Polish-Ukrainian Symposium.

The motto of Radom Academy of Social and Technical Sciences is ... "first of all, civil and creative society" obliges the management of the University  to prompt the academic society to act, but also to take action in favour of Radom and its region,  showing special sensitivity to social needs.

I congratulate those who have chosen to study at our University, and those who are hesitating are invited to get acquainted with our educational offer on the website. All information is also available in the Dean’s Office, by phone or in person. 

We cordially invite

Maria Pierzchalska, Ph. D.



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